Going Green with Pest Managment

Going Green with Pest Managment

Pest – the name says it all. Just like a little brother wanting to crash his big sister‘s evening out with friends, pests are annoying, persistent, and often destructive. At the worst of times household pests make us want to wrap our houses in plastic and inject the world’s most deadly poison inside just to get enough peace of mind to have a full night’s sleep. Why don’t we? Well, we don’t want to kill our pets and make our families sick, of course. We know pesticides are nasty. Luckily, there are other strategies – safer both for our families (pets included) and for the environment – to rid ourselves of pests indoors and out.

Know Thine Enemy

Pests are living things. They’re looking for food and shelter to survive and reproduce, and the fine suite of options we offer them with our storage areas and compost bins, full of dust bunnies and food scraps, are very enticing. Understanding who our unwanted house and garden guests are and why they are there will get to the root of the problem.


Green Pest Management - Know Your Household and Garden Pests
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During your inspection, look for clues as to what kind of pest you’re dealing with. If it’s mice, you will see chewed items and telltale droppings; insects may leave signature bites on your skin whereas slugs will leave trails.

Always wear gloves when dealing with pests as disease transmission is a serious concern.


Green Pest Management - Mechanical Pest Control Options
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Many of these mechanical solutions, however, work best in conjunction with chemicals that act as attractants or killing agents. Keep in mind that chemical doesn’t equal hazardous, toxic, or poisonous. Sugar is a chemical, as is water. Chemicals can be derived from natural sources or artificially made, and their safety depends mostly on the chemicals‘ composition and the dose used.

Essential Oils such as Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint are great to repel pests.

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Some chemicals are lethal in minute concentrations, whereas substances that are usually innocuous can be toxic in extreme amounts. Some will affect mammals and insects, while others might only work on one particular bug. We’re looking for the holy grail of pest control: chemicals that are not toxic to humans, pets, or the environment, but that deter or attract and kill pests. The most common are plant oils, enzymes, and plain old soap and sugar water.

So, now that we have some strategies in mind for overall green pest control, let’s see what we can do about our least favorite pests. Read More