Help! Plants Seeking Support

Help! Plants Seeking Support

Some vegetables, fruits and plants are brave and can stand on their own. Others need your guidance and support. If you provide strong and durable support for your plants to lean and climb on, you’ll be able to:

  • Conserve space and fit more plants into your garden
  • Encourage good air circulation and dry leaves, which helps to discourage pests and disease
  • Lift fruit toward the sunlight for ripening
  • Make crops easier to harvest
  • Add beauty and visual interest to the garden

There’s no need to go out and buy expensive supports at the garden center. It’s possible to make durable supportive devices out of simple materials. You can also recycle household items to add character and intrigue to your garden. Before you start building supportive devices, it’s important to understand when to install them and which plants need them.

Types of Garden Supports - Garden Supports
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Building DIY Garden Supports

Ready to make your own supportive devices? First, gather all necessary supplies. Most can be found at a home improvement center or produce supply store, or you may already have what you need. Or if you are looking for a professional solution contact Fraser Coast Mowing & Gardens to discuss your needs.
DIY Garden Supports - Garden Supports
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