What should I plant this “Sprinter”?

What should I plant this “Sprinter”?

Looking for ideas of what to plant this ‘Sprinter’? What is Sprinter? Sprinter is that time during the end of Winter and start of Spring when we still have cold nights and mornings but the days are warming up.  We have put together a few ideas on what you can plant in winter and the ‘sprinter’ season.


Plant in a Full Sun position in well-drained soil approximately 30cm apart. Water regularly and apply a soluble fertiliser weekly.  Water at soil level to minimise risk of disease and expect maturity in 8-10 weeks

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Beetroot is an ideal vegetable with excellent flavour and colour. Plant in a Full Sun position in approximately 9-12cm apart. Soak well before sowing and expect maturity in 8-9 weeks

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Carrot is rich in vitamins and should be planted in a Full Sun position in well-drained soil approximately 5cm apart. Deep well-drained soil gives best results and sow crops at 4-5 week intervals. Expect maturity in 16-20 weeks

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The ‘Gentle Giant’ Radish is a hybrid-quality radish that grows up to 6cm across in size. Plant in a open Full Sun position approximately 8cm apart and 6mm deep. Apply a soluble fertiliser weekly expect germination in 5-8 days and expect maturity in 6-8 weeks

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Tomato (Roma)

Roma Tomatoes are ideal for salads, soups and sun drying. For best results raise in trays and transplant to a Full Sun position when 5-7cm high. Sow at a 6mm depts and plant 75cm-100cm apart. Apply Tomato Food when first flowers appear and expect maturity in 11 weeks.